What I learned Today (July 16)

Had a quick practice session today. What I mean by quick is that I showed up at 7:45 am and hit a few balls on the range before my 9:00 lesson. Of course, I propped up an Ipad and took a few swing videos. Here a few shots from my swing sequence and a few notes of what I focus on in my personal practice:

Club Face Position at the Top


The clubface position at the top is an indication of my lead hand grip position AND my lead arm rotation. I used to have trouble with this getting the clubface closed at the top due to an improper lead hand grip. Moe helped me correct this but it took some time. He would often say ‘Straighten it out, straighten it out!” when my shots would hook to the left.

The club face in the picture above is what I consider perfect. the plane of the face mirrors the lead forearm and hand. This is a planned clubface position and a very important part of hitting the ball straight.

Of course, I always take a quick look at my address position.  I’ve been paying particular attention to my pelvis position. In a way, I’m sticking my butt back a bit. Not too much though. I make sure the club is aligned with my trial arm and lead arm visible without too much knee flex.


Impact shows a bent trail and the rotation of my upper and lower body. The club returns to the address plane.


I always check mine by plane. Here you can see the club matching the original plane at address, my trail foot (heel) remains on the ground.


As a side note, I found that my Apple Watch messes with my sequence. It was causing some This is the heavier version of the Apple Watch. the aluminum watch (lighter one) didn’t seem to affect my feelings as much. I recommend not wearing a watch on your arm when you play golf or practice.


Shaft Weight

I’ve been playing around with a few different drivers recently. The Callaway EPIC 9 deg. Sub Zero and Rogue 9 deg Sub Zero. I liked both drivers equally, however, I found that the heavier 75-gram shaft caused me some problems. I had a much better feel with the 62-gram shaft. Actually, it was a huge difference. With the 62 gram shaft, I could easily feel the club movement while the 75-gram shaft made the head feel lighter. I could see why Moe would add weight to the heads of his clubs. One way to feel the head is to also lighten the shaft.



10 comments on “What I learned Today (July 16)”
  1. Ian Nonhebel says:

    i am 70 years old am trying to work with Moe’s swing when he was older – the video I am using is when Todd was learning the swing / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXh5otm1TK0&index=14&list=LLJ3Wt4K4kebM8Iyxws02D6A&t=0s This shows less turn earlier cocking to bring the club behind him on the right plane quite early then bringing it up behind him with his right arm. This is different from the athletic Todd swing which my flexibility can’t copy. Todd why don’t you go have a Moe senior swing


  2. Todd Graves says:

    Ian I don’t understand. Grip the club correct and start and Impact on the same plane (Single Plane). What is a Moe Senior Swing? Moe didn’t think he had a senior swing. In his mind, he never changed his swing. He simply got a bit older and less flexible. I guess you are referring to the fact that Moe had two different swings, a young swing and an old swing. I Would argue that he had the same swing he simply got older and moved less.


  3. Ian Nonhebel says:

    Have a look at video 0.23 have slowed down that position shows a pronated wrist his position at the top occurs by pulling up from there is different from your swing as he gets into position earlier as is less flexible that is what I mean


  4. Todd Graves says:

    Ok. But in my book, less flexible doesn’t mean different mechanics. The golf swing consists of body rotations and tilts as well as range of motion. If you can’t rotate you can still apply the same mechanics you just won’t have as much speed due to the fact that you need “Time” to produce speed in the swing which means the club must move farther to move faster. Stick to the fundamentals of Moe’s swing – Address, Proper Leverage in backswing (position) Impact rotations etc. DO what you are capable of and you will get results.


  5. Ian Nonhebel says:

    I am not arguing have struggled to get into positions that my body can’t manage. bought your book online video’s when you had them available. am keeping left arm straighter doing the Moe less flexible swing which could be shown by you / as it is easier to understand for old golfers because we need a model to demonstrate the less flexible movement that Moe reverted to / mechanically the same yes / need you to demonstrate the difference / could teach oldies differently so they copy less flexible version.


  6. Bruce Kelso says:

    Man, do I love those positions. When my mid-spin intersect, grip and plane is in “sync,” then I can apply all of my energy to the swing. It truly is the “feeling of greatness.” Not that I’m great, but the swing FEELS great! And when all the components are lined up, it’s really easy and really accurate. Combine that with the Master Putting Class with Tim and Shawn – at 66 my last updated Handicap Index was 0.0. I’ve really worked hard at it, but the methodology / system employed at GGA is comprehensive and goes into great detail. THANK YOU!

    Bruce Kelso


  7. James Starkey says:

    Its a feeling of greatness,to hit my 3 iron 270 ydrs dead center.Even better when they ask where did you learn how to swing like that?


  8. Dave Kempema says:

    Thanks Todd, always love your photos and self analysis. Could you explain how your watch interferes with your sequence. I wear a Bushnell Neo GPS which is about the same size as your apple and definitely thicker. If anything it prevents me from cupping my lead wrist but not sure if it encourages bowing. I only wear it during rounds, not practice. Just wondering if it could promote any other swing flaws.



    1. Todd Graves says:

      The Apple Watch is pretty heavy. It adds weight to my arm. The arm has to move in sequence and rotate into impact. It is the final part of the body sequence into impact before the club. When I wear the weight on my arm, it makes me work harder. it affects my timing. It is slight but I can feel it.


    2. Dave Kempema says:

      I realize that either cupping or bowing of the lead wrist is not a good thing.


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