Power of Single Plane

Hello Moe Norman Fans,

Everybody knows how important power and swing speed is in golf. When you look on the PGA tour most of the best player have high swing speeds excluding the rare Jim Furyk or Zack Johnson. I wanted to at least maintain my swing speed and when I looked at the single plane swing. It looked so effortless that I was concerned I would lose speed. In fact, the first time I talked to Todd I assertively asked will I lose speed? He was honest and said that there had been very few professional level players who were willing to try this method and most didn’t see it through to the finish line. However, he said that he had personally hit it about the same distance as he had before simply with more control.

With that being said I had just played a tournament out in Phoenix and once the event was over I needed to get fit for some new woods and Driver over at ping. Ping has always been very good to me and as a full-time player, they allow to get fit in their professional department where they have all the trackman 4 and premium balls to get accurate feedback. I hadn’t been there since before my swing change so I wasn’t sure how my numbers had changed. Before the single plane swing my speed was 111 to 112 with a ball speed in the low 160s. PGA tour average is 112 so I was very average for a PGA tour level.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I was hitting it hard in my tournament but I assumed the speed had gone down simply because there is way fewer rotations and movement in the single plane method compared to a normal swing. It was a cool experience because it had gone up. My speed was 113 to 114 with ball speeds getting over 170 which I had never done before. For me, it was a big deal because power is so important to good golf so as to have the actual evidence of more power was amazing. Just wanted to share with the group.

Here are some photos of my swing sequence:





3 comments on “Power of Single Plane”
  1. Jim Trainham says:

    Smash factor 170/114 = 1.49

    Shows efficiency of energy transfer is very high. This is what one would expect from a well executed single plane swing. Way to go Reed!


  2. Brett Morris says:

    Thanks Reed, all the best.


  3. Tim Hoffman says:

    Thanks Reed. Good to know! And good luck this season.


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