Hand position conventional vs. Single Plane

99.9% of Instruction is Wrong?

Here is a recent comment worth talking about:

“I am not an instructor basher nor pass judgment to anyone who has opposing views// ITS A DISCUSSION OR A OPINION!! But to say that 99.9% of what the today’s teachers are WRONG; WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Therefore, I dismiss my input.”.

– Buck Myers

Mr. Myers actually, it is not my opinion. I have measured, probed and researched the golf swing and the Single Plane is my conclusion.

So, I guess I would have to ask how you would measure it? If the conventional golf swing is inherently flawed from the start – address position. How much of the instruction, starting from an erroneous view, could be correct? In other words, if the machine is broken and you try to fix it with Duct Tape, is the Duct Tape the proper solution?

Now you might argue that the Conventional Address position isn’t flawed and that apparently some healthy players use it. So granted that I cannot say that you can play great golf from the normal address position, I will maintain that I haven’t seen a conventional golf professional provide evidence that it, the current address, is the easiest way to start a golf swing and more importantly, simplifies it.

We end up in the same discussion asking the question “Is there an easier way?” to which I will again restate my research. There are Four essential areas where my research points to simplicity. Let’s first define simplicity.

Simplicity is finding a more natural way to accomplish a task. For example, if you could build a machine to swing a golf club and it has ten moving parts, and I build one with six moving regions and in the process reduce the movement and increase the efficiency, in effect, I have simplified the task. 

Science refers to the term “Ideal Mechanical Advantage.” This term describes efficiency as the least amount of effort with the same outcome.

In the case of the Golf Swing, you must show a more natural way to get from address to impact. In other words, to be a more natural way, you must show how the swing simplifies movement from the start of the swing to the finish of the swing – while achieving the same task – Accuracy and speed.

Here are the four areas where the Single Plane swing has an Ideal Mechanical Advantage.

  1. Less lifting of the shaft/hands from address to impact.
  2. Less Lifting of the body from speech to impact.
  3. Less rotation in the hands from address to impact.
  4. Less movement of the back/spine from address to impact to finish.

So maybe instead of saying that 99.9% is wrong, how about I say that for most golfers it’s futile? Futile because the complications of the address make everything that comes afterward compensatory from the beginning. Let me give you an example.

The average conventional golfer has a thirteen-degree rotation of the trail hand from address to impact.

What this means is that at some point in the motion of the backswing and downswing you must rotate the trail hand 13 degrees, then somehow return the side to impact with a square clubface. You can switch at the beginning, middle or later in the backswing. Either way, the swing requires a compensatory rotation of the trail hand somewhere.

The Single Plane Swing, on the other hand, requires no rotation of the trail hand. Therefore, from address to impact the hand moves in a Natural movement of skipping a rock – without rotation.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 6.36.45 PM

Another way the Single Plane Swing Simplifies the golf swing has to do with how the body moves. In the conventional rhythm, the body must lift into impact, compensating for being too close to the ball. During the Single Plane swing, the body moves down, keeping the Spine in the same tilt from address to impact. These allow you to become more consistent with impact and places less stress on the lower back.

The Single Plane Swing

In conclusion, I just want to note that my instruction is not an OPINION. I am not guessing or speculating. I am merely stating my research and data that I have measured. Any way you slice it, the conventional golf swing is more difficult than the Single Plane Swing.


13 comments on “99.9% of Instruction is Wrong?”
  1. James Starkey says:

    Fidget spinner comparison, Spin a fidget spinner! change the axis by moving the fingers holding the spinner and feel how much force is changed. Then do it again but let the spinner spin still is possible.Smooth. Samething if you place your hand on the table and you lift a finger with the other hand. It will snap the table and be a faster slingshot action, compared to lifting a finger by its self. Too loop or too single plane. SPS!


  2. Bruce Kelso says:

    Just won a tournament a couple weeks ago using single plane; 66-72. I’m 65. If there was an easier method, more accurate and or easier on me, I would be doing it. Return the club to the impact position while maintaining your body position; it’s that simple.

    Bruce Kelso


    1. Todd Graves says:

      Bruce, If there was an easier way, I would be doing it too.! Awesome win.


  3. Peter Bloxham says:

    After 2 years plus of trying to play golf via conventional instruction, not striking the ball very well and suffering intense back pain I concluded that I would have to give up the game. Then I found SPS and attended a school in January. I hadn’t practiced much at all before the school as I didn’t want to ingrain bad habits. I now think I should have done so in advance.
    The school was great. Since the school i haven’t had the time to practice that I want but via the coaching program I have been steadily getting the SPS. As a result my game is improving and the more I get it the less pain I suffer. I can now play full rounds where I struggled for 9 holes with a conventional swing.
    The fitted clubs are brilliant and I am delighted with SPS and GGA. Well done Todd and Tim and Bart and Clay and Shannon and Trent and Chandler. All great guys.
    I just wish I could attend another school but from the UK it’s a major deal.
    I’m 73 – not the ideal time to take up a new sport!!


  4. Dave says:

    What I have experianced is that the SPS is not only fewer moving parts, but simplicity of comprehension and understanding. From past conventional swing lessons I have had over the years, I have always been told what type of multipal moves to make but could never understand why and could soon forget the feel. Every move and feeling with the SPS seems to make so much sence. I gave my 6 year old grandson a junior 6 iron and didn’t show him anything. I just told him to hit the ball. He lined up behind it, spread his legs in an A frame position, put his arms and hands straight out, took a one piece takeaway and swung. That was the first time he ever hit a golf ball with a club. Do you think this swing is natural? I do now. My only fear now is that if I begin showing him the things I am now learning with the SPS , in later years everyone else is going to try to teach him the conventional swing and only confuse him.
    I am coming to Edmond next week for the 5 day build your swing camp. See you then Todd and thanks for posting the topics of discussion.


  5. Robert POlydys says:

    How many tour players, top use your system?

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Todd Graves says:

      Bryson Dechambeau, Steve Stticker, Reed Howard, Moe Norman.


  6. Monark Golf says:

    Amazed to read this article. Grateful !!!


  7. Tim Seaton says:

    Watched some footage of Mike Austin and Mike Dunaway and whilst there was a strong emphasis on creating clubhead speed through better use of the body muscles, the key move by both was the downward drop of the hands but instigated by a weight shift of the left hip which in turn got the right shoulder to turn on plane with loads of power being created. All very similar to Moe and Mike was 20 years older than Moe !! Interestingly, Mike talked about excessive pressures of modern day professionals torking their body to extremes for length and with two plane set ups. If only they would listen they might learn !!!!


  8. eqibno says:

    Efficiency is your friend. Simpler is easier and the results will be more consistent. Logic and reason can be applied to golf and its instruction. No one has had the discipline or the motivation to do it until Todd was inspired by Moe. Two iconoclasts whose combined synergy will eventually triumph. Even if only one golfer improves because of it, it will be worthwhile. The rest will follow.



    How can I keep myself from raising up at ball impacts to keep from topping the ball


    1. Todd Graves says:

      You must keep your lead knee flexed through impact and until you are completely finished with your golf swing


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