Moe Norman

Moe Norman Opens Copetown Links

Moe Norman Opens Copetown Links Golf Course 1994

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He’s won every Canadian championship golf tournament but has never played the PGA circuit. He can still shoot his age – 64 – but never enters a tournament.

And he can call his golf shots like a pool player. Canadian golf legend Moe Norman was in Flamborough last Friday to help Flamborough Hills Golf Club open its new nine bole course. “The Lakes.”

While a number of local celebrities toured the new course, Norman held count over 200 golfing enthusiasts.

Some two hours and 300 golf balls later, many people still gaped in awe as Norman placed ball after ball right where he wanted them.

“I hope you people can see how easy this is, “he said.

“Golf clinic” is not exactly what you get with Pipeline Moe. He doesn’t teach anyone the correct way to drive. In fact, he tells you not to do what he does.

Instead, while fielding questions from the crowd, Norman shows how easy it is(for him at least) to place the ball with woods , irons and wedges, what he considers the most underrated club in most golfer’s bag.

“This club is the stroke saver but it’s where most people are the weakest,” he said.”It”ll take all the pressure of you.”

Norman began taking golf lessons at age 14. He said he often skipped school to caddie and by the time he was 16, he was shooting better than the player

Although he still loves so play the game, he won’t play tournaments or join the seniors circuit. He says he’d much rather do the clinics.

“A lot of people play “Hoping Golf”. They’re always hoping the ball does what they want it to,” he said, “I’m the only man alive who can do what I do and all the rest wish they could.”

Other tips and quips from Moe:

(1) 98 per cent of players have the wrong equipment. “With the equipment they have out, if you can’t hit a par now, there’s something wrong with you.”

(2) “If you want to be any good at this game, you have to hit 600 balls every day.”

(3)”Golfers are not born. They are not natural people.”

By Lynn Paul
Reporter, Flamborough Review


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  1. Marvin Tarnol says:

    These articles about Mo are very nice. The problem is that they can not be read because the print in the newspaper is comes out to small.


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