One of My Favorite Moe Pics

I have collected hundreds of newspaper articles and clippings about Moe.  In 1993, Golf Illustrated ran a one page story about Moe written by T.J Tomasi titled “The Best Swing Ever” followed by an article from Lorne Rubenstein titled “Moe Better Golf”.

This is the picture from the article.  It is one of my favorite overlays showing Moe’s Single Plane.

Favorite pic moe.jpg

Tomasi seems to have some understanding of Moe’s swing plane. Tomasi and Rubenstein mention how unorthodox it is relative to a conventional swing.

One thing I enjoy about Lorne Rubenstein  is that he understands Moe and he certainly “gets it”.

Here is the entire magazine article:

The Best Swing Ever 1 .jpgThe Best Swing Ever 2 copy.jpgThe Best Swing Ever 3.jpgThe Best Swing Ever 4.jpg






6 comments on “One of My Favorite Moe Pics”
  1. Christopher P Johnson says:

    That’s some great stuff Todd. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Denny Fish says:

    I agree great picture. I remember the tournament you put on in Kitchener. The pictures and memorabilia there were awesome too.


  3. Adam Belen says:

    Hello,my name is Adam and I have purchased a e program from the Moe Norman organization on line.
    I would like to kwow how to get a refund from comoany and stop all the emails as well. I know I can unsubscribe,how ever if I do I feel I may not be able to get in contact we your company. You see I have deleted pass emails and original info. Please contact me during your business hours.
    Adam Belen


    1. Todd Graves says:

      Adam, I sent you an email.



  4. Mike Evans says:

    Thanks for the Moe memories. I spent many winters at Royal Oak in Titusville, when it was owned by the CPGA, when Moe and Nick Weslock would play nine holes in the afternoon. Moe spent hours on the putting green sharing memories of tournaments he had played. Moe signed a copy of ‘The Feeling of Greatness’ by Tim O’Connor for me. A treasured possession. Thank you for your Moe references.
    Mike Evans


  5. Phil Marshall says:

    Thanks for posting this stuff Todd – It is great. i have read the books from Tim O’Connor and Lorne Rubinstein and have a real appreciation of Moe’s flaws and genius. you truly deserve a lot of credit and appreciation for bringing this to so many, and for teaching Moe’s method. I was recently fortunate enough to hear you speak about this and then watch you do a demo at the Gold Coast in Australia. As someone who has studied golf for forty years, I was hugely impressed by the simplicity of your motion and even more convinced of the merits of Moe’s method. Please keep up the good work. It is much appreciated.


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