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Moe Norman

There has never been a more colorful character in golf than Moe Norman. His legendary accuracy and prolific tournament record are renowned throughout the world. Among his many victories are two Canadian Amateurs, two CPGA Championships and five CPGA Senior Championships along with multiple victories in the Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan Opens. Though his idiosyncrasies kept Norman from enjoying a brief PGA Tour career, he returned to Canada where his ball-striking ability and love of the game earned him a place in the hearts of all Canadian golfers

Moe Norman was a Canadian legend and a man revered by golf professionals, touring and teaching, all over the world for his uncanny ability to hit a golf ball straight every time.  Moe’s golf swing was called many things during his lifetime, “weird, unorthodox, different” , but his genius for striking a golf ball could never be denied.
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News for 2013
Moe Norman hitting the Big Screen - Could happen in 2014

Barry Morrow, the screenwriter for the Academy Award wiinning movie Rainman, has been relentless in his seeing the Moe Norman project get its day on the big screen.  Moe Norman's movie is realizing the birth of his baby, "Dance the Green", the biopic about Moe Norman.

Written in 1999 for a major production studio, the screen-play sat on the shelf and was never produced. But Barry, who considers his move masterpieces "children, couldn't imagine a movie he considers "beter than Rain Man going unborn. 

The Production has been through numerous production companies - but landing the right one has been a challenge.  Keep looking for more news this year about the latest developments for Moe's movie.

The Graves Golf Academy welcomes you to Moenorman.org, a site dedicated to the legendary Canadian Moe Norman. 

I met Moe in late 1994 as a struggling professional golfer looking for an easeir way to play better golf.  Since that meeting and up to his passing, I regarded Moe Norman as my mentor and friend.  Those who knew Moe and saw him play the game would also agree that  Moe Norman was a genius when it came to playing the game of golf. I was fortunate to experience Moe's genius and be a part of learning and knowing much of what made him so great.

Moe Norman was a Canadian legend and a man revered by golf professionals all over the world as one of the greatest ball-strikers in the history of golf, and certainly one of the most eccentric and colorful characters in the annals of sport.

Moe’s self-taught golf swing was often called weird, unorthodox and different, but it was highly efficient, amazingly accurate and freakishly accurate making me wonder, if Moe held the secret for better golf for everyone.
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I am still learning from Moe.  Every time I watch his golf swing on the hours of footage I have collected, I listen to his comments and his thought on the simplicity of his swing and technique. And even when I practiced with Moe Norman he woulMoe Norman and Todd practicing the single plane golf swingd say things that seemed unreal. There was a time when I thought some of his ideas were a bit outrageous and yes, sometimes crazy.  

Over the years, I have learned to tame that judgmental part of me before I know the facts.  I have learned to take a new approach to learning to swing like the best that has ever struck a golf ball.  Here are a few thoughts that might help you with getting your mind straight before I get into some “radical” concepts.

First, I learned not to take anything Moe Norman said for granted.  Most of Moe’s ideas of the golf swing were his way of explaining the unexplainable.  Moe's descriptions were his way of doing his best to describe his feelings.  Second, try not to judge it until you understand it.  There are many things in the golf swing that don’t make sense but once you finally understand them they are almost common sense.  Have you ever experienced that?  (This is where you ask yourself how you could have been so dumb?)

When I talked to Moe about his golf swing, he often said “Swing the handle, not the head”.

I found this insight to be a jewel and then I understood Moe’s golf swing.  This meant that you have a relationship to the golf club not the golf ball.  If you maintain this relationship, the ball simply gets in the way of the movement of the club.

With this understanding, I began to understand his address position and discovered that some of the things I thought of as “idiosyncratic” were quite possibly “secrets” to great ball-striking and consistency.

Consistency is a characteristic of great ball-strikers and Moe was the personification of it.

Let me introduce you to a few concepts, which many find idiosyncratic, that I want you to experiment with and see if they can help you swing like Moe.
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Graves Golf Academy teaching the Moe Norman Single Plane Swing
The Graves Golf Academy founded by brothers Todd and Tim Graves helps golfers play better by teaching the single plane golf swing made famous by their friend, the late Moe Norman, considered the world’s greatest ball-striker.

After eight years of operations, Graves Golf Academy now operates schools at Coffee Creek in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Eagle Creek in Orlando, Florida. GGA also offers special instruction sessions throughout the year in various locations in other parts of the country.
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